I’ve bought yoghurt and kefir from the food store located in the area where I live. When I came home, I detected that it was tasting and smelled badly. When I brought him to the store, the seller said that he was furious and could not change him, and that other products were in that situation. I was shocked to hear this because others could have bought these products!!! So I took the products to the Center for Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance. The staffs of the Center said that their composition was damaged and that it was dangerous to human life. Is there a liability for the seller in this case?

     Jamila Tosheva    

     Yangiyul district.


—  It is only allowed to use refrigerated tables, showcases in the shops selling meat, milk, fish, confectionery products (biscuit cakes, pastry and others), semi-finished products, ready-made ingredients and other perishable products. It is a duty of the seller to keep the product normally and periodically control its expiration date. There is a punishment to sellers who blindly sells goods that do not control their shelf-life for non-productive and life-threatening.

Head of Legal Protection

B. Ismailov