On February 12, 2011, the management of the Navbahor District Consumer Protection Society of Navoi Region held a dialogue between the citizens of Kelachi MFU.

The resident of Kelachi neighborhood, born in 1962, has four children, a resident of low-income families, who is in the list of poor families, having trouble in housing construction for the eldest son, complaining that the complaint was ineffective.   asked for practical assistance in this regard.

The citizen’s living conditions were studied. In fact, it was found out that a citizen, her son’s family, and her daughter’s two children living in one house because of her daughter’s husband died.

After these studies, a letter was sent to the district government on the matter of torture. According to the decision of the district the area of “Dustlik” from the district has been allocated a place for housing

Zhumagul Ruzhibaeva, a resident of Kelachi neighborhood, 1960, complained about the fact that the roof of her house was electrically wired and that the door was slammed into the entrance to her apartment during the rain and moisture, and that she did not take any measures, even if she was repeatedly addressed to the district electrician. and asked for practical assistance in this regard.

A case study by the district community has been studied. Following these inquiries, a letter was sent to the head of the district electrical company on the application of the citizen, and two days later, the company’s officials removed the wires on the roof of the citizen and were placed in a safe place.