1. Nurolimov, a resident of the Korgoncha neighborhood in Altyarik district, appealed to the Federation of societies on Consumer rights protection.

He bought a battery for his Samsung mobile phone in one of the stores in the district center and used it for 4-5 days. But the capacity of the battery is not at the required level. As a result, he came to the salesman on the sixth day and announced his objections. The vendor, who is on board with customers, has heard about the consumer’s complaint and does not have a good response to it. Thus, the General Prosecutor’s Office is ready to submit another application to the hotline.

Employees of the Altyarik district community, who investigated the case, met with the seller and explained the requirements of the relevant articles of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Consumer Rights Protection”. Instead of the seller’s explanations, the correct conclusion came to an end with the restoration of consumer rights and the return the money of defective goods bought by him.