There are few among us who do not like gravy. Big and small people consume especially the tomato sauce, that is, the ketchup’s delicacy with love. When adding this snack to our food, the composition and duration of each meal affects its quality.  So what is the quality and benefits of ketchup produced in our country?

It is well known that the ketchup is used for meat and poultry, kebabs, spaghetti, sauces, potatoes, hamburgers and various fast foods.

Today in our country, more than 10 enterprises produce such products. Ketchups are manufactured in glass, plastic bottles and soft paper containers. The program prepared by the staff of the Tashkent TV channel was devoted to the quality and safety of ketchup. During the exhibition, field experts purchased samples of ketchup products from four local ketchup factories. These samples were submitted for analysis to the agency “UzStandart” and laboratories of the State Center for Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance.