Protection of Consumers’ Rights Beshariq district executive office investigated the appeal of Akmaljon Shermatov, a resident of Beshkapa village, who appealed to the short number “1091” of the Federation.

In his appeal, the consumer complained about the disruption of liquefied natural gas supplies to the population, including the households in which he lived, and asked them to protect their rights and interests as consumers.

Application was examined by regional gas supply branch with the responsible personnel of liquefied gas supply department. It was noted during the study that due to organizational and technical reasons, the supply of liquefied natural gas to the population in 60-70 days has resulted in prolongation of delivery time for gas cylinders, which in turn causes inconvenience to the population.

It was explained to the officials that strict observance of the approved schedule on liquefied gas supplies, attention of the population – liquefied gas consumers, observance of the terms of the contract, and only the supply of the supplier, would only improve the relations of consumers. During the study, Shermatov’s living area was provided with full-liquefied gas. The author of the appeal expressed his gratitude to the staff for their positive attitude.