What should the consumer focus on when buying goods? What will be if the brand is of poor quality? What will be if they threaten human life and health?  From who and how should we ask for protection of our rights in this area?

The next issue of this educational program was dedicated to the Federation of Consumer Protection Societies and its activities. During the report, member of the federation dedicated that on April 26, 1996 adopted law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Protecting Rights of Consumers”   serves as a legal basis for protecting consumers’ rights.

In this law, it has been reinforced that confessed Consumers’ rights and guarantees of their implementation by International Community, as well as guarantees of their protection in the event of damage to life, health or property of citizens. Also, according to Law, citizens of our country can get accurate and complete information about the goods (work, service), producer (seller), free choice of goods (work, service) and its quality (work, service), which is dangerous for life, health and property. Besides, they can get the full compensation for moral damage such as the material damage caused by the unlawful actions (inaction) of the manufacturer (the executor, the seller). In addition, consumers have the right to appeal to the court, other competent public authorities and can form consumer associations.