Practical assistance was provided to get “gentra”

Despite the fact that the money paid 100% for the car, the car was not given to a citizen despite the expiry of the term specified in the contract.

In 18 July 2018, Asrorjon Mukimov, resident of the 222th house in Galaba Street, Navoi City, appealed to the hotline of the Federation of Societies on consumer rights Protection of Uzbekistan.

According to the application, the citizen paid 100% money of the car based on contract to the Navoi Avto Motors Company, but expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that he did not get the car, even though the contract term expired.

Applicants sent a letter to NAVOIY AVTO MOTORS LLC by the society specialists. In response to the reply, the car was delivered to the citizen A.Mukimov on July 11 this year by the efforts of the staff of the district society members, although it was announced that the car would be delivered by 30 July. At the end of the study, he expressed his gratitude to the civil society.