I am Davlat Nurillaev and use the business venture. I have two children. Recently, we have drifted into a new home with great dreams. The house we bought was located in the Sogdiana Street in Samarkand. Modern multi-storey apartment with all amenities.

After a while, I lived in this apartment, which was built and commissioned by Afsona Inter Plast LLC, I felt a shortage, that is, builders’ mistakes. I had to address land resources and real estate cadastre, it is necessary to measure the square of rooms.

Our estimates are accurate. The truth of the contract (either deliberately or negligibly) was violated: the size of the rooms is less than three-square meters. I have warned the construction organization about it. They initially agreed to pay me 3 700 000 sums. However, for 2 months, I could not get my money. Each time, they were able to find ways to avoid returning money with different pretexts. It took me a lot of time, and again it was a mess. I have appealed to the regional association of Consumer Rights Protection Societies with the advice of my relatives. My application have been studied by City society members and with their efforts, I withdrew my money. Thanks to the organization!