Employees of the Navoi City Society have learned the appeal of Hilola Botirova, a resident of Zarafshan Street in Karmana District who appealed to the Navoi Regional Association of Societies of Consumer rights protection of Uzbekistan.

According to the complaint, Citizen gave 17 million soums to secure in Microcredit Bank in Navoi for a period of 3 months, and after the end of the deposit 5 million Soums is not returned by bank employees with various pretexts and she has been dissatisfied.

After that, employees of regional association have addressed to the Employees of Bank and explained to the bank’s employees that they should be returned together with the remaining balance of the deposit and interest accrued on the day of termination of the contract and a contract signed between the bank and the depositor. At the end, consumer H.Botirova received a deposit of 5,000,000 soums from the bank.