Furkat Eshmurodov, a resident of the Rakhimsufi neighborhood in Koson district appealed to the district’s consumer rights protection society.

According to the application, the citizen set up an electricity meter for the water supply pump in order to irrigate his land and used electricity on contractual basis. However, the district electricity supply company employees calculated the debt amount of 4 460 000 sums to the citizen numbered 45-947. Consumer was displeased with not informing about this and appealed to the head of the district electricity grid and they refused the consumer.

In order to eliminate the situation described in the complaint statement, the local society officials were engaged in the study.

During the study, it was found out that the timely repayment of electricity used by a civilian water user on his own water pump with a built-in electricity meter. As a result of a complete calculation of the monthly electric energy (limit) specified in the agreement between the parties on the origin of debts, the basis for the emergence of non-performing debt of 4 460 000 sums, it was found out that due to the fact that the citizen was not informed in time, caused the consumer’s rightful protest and caused the violation of the rights and legitimate interests of the citizen.

Based on the documents collected in the case, the society members filed a complaint to the Koson District Administrative Court for the legitimate consideration. According to the decision of the Kosan District Administrative Court, the actions of the Koson District electricity Supply Company were found unlawful and the supplier was obliged to recalculate 4 460 000 sums of debt to the civil account.