Ergashev Shukhrat, a resident of Bukhara city, Mustakillik str., Room 33/2 has appealed to the hotline of Bukhara regional association of Consumer Protection Federation of Uzbekistan on 30 June 2018. He asked them to help protect their rights as consumers in the sales process. Consumer purchased a stabilizer on July 17, 2018 from the Andijan Qobil retail store, which is located in Bukhara city on Q.Murtazoev Street, for 5,7500,000 sums. He tried to explain the situation to the seller, but there was no any result. After the request of the consumer for the right to restore the rights, the Bukhara city Society staff found that this employee was not actually selling good quality goods to the consumer by an Andijon Kobil salesman. In the course of the study, the consumer received about 5,7500,000 sums of money and the consumer problem was resolved positively. A shopkeeper was warned later that they would not be prosecuted.