The right of the citizen was protected in the court by the Consumer Rights Protection Society.

Khusniddin Kurbanov, a resident of the Arabkhona neighborhood, Navbakhor district in Navoi region, appealed to the Navoi city’s consumer rights protection society. The consumer bought a slate product from the limited liability company “MUNJAL SHIFER” operating in Navoi city from  “Hayitov Utkir Umarovich” for 9 200 000 sums. Some cracks appeared in the roofing slate after using it. Then, he has appealed to sellers and manufacturers, but the problem has not been resolved.

Based on the application, the community has been investigating and filed a suit against the seller to Navbahor Interregional Civil Court, requesting compensation for all material and moral damages caused by restoration of consumer rights.

The Navbahor District Court of Civil Cases has studied the appeal and and the consumer claim filed by the public on material and moral damage to consumer Kurbanov Husniddin was denied. Municipalities filed a petition to the Navoi Regional Court of Civil Cases for consideration. The quality of slate products was undergone in laboratory with representatives of the society and industry and expenses have been clarified.

In the Navoi Regional Court of Civil Aviation, held on 7 August 2018, material and moral damages to consumers Kurbanov Husniddin Sharofkulovich were additionally reviewed together with the documents provided by industry experts. As a result, the court ruled material damage amounting to 10 085 000 (ten million eighty five thousand) sums, moral damage 500 000 (Five hundred thousand) sums and the Navoi City Consumer Rights Protection Fund totaling 461 000 (Four hundred sixty one thousand) sums.