Visit of the International Consumer Rights Defender is expected.

As you know, for the first time on January 14-19, Uzbekistan will host the “Forum of consumers in Europe and Asia.” On this occasion, the heads of a number of international organizations will arrive in our country. In particular, the visit of the president of Consumer International, Marimut Nadason, is planned. He has been in this position since May 2019. It is no exaggeration to say that the participation of such international organizations in this forum on consumer protection is an excellent opportunity to promote the protection of consumer rights in our country, as well as to study the experience and achievements of developed countries in this area. Consumer rights in Uzbekistan are protected by law from the first days of independence.  However, there are still disadvantages in this area. This forum, organized by the Federation in the early 2020s, will play an important role in studying existing problems in this area, studying systemic achievements and introducing international experience into our lives. In a word, the Forum is a bold step forward in advancing the global community to protect consumer rights.