Rights of a Consumer from Korea Restored

In 2018 the Federation of Societies for Consumers Rights Protection in Uzbekistan signed a MoU with Korea Consumer Agency. In accordance with it the parties cooperate with each other to protect each other’s consumers’ rights and interests in their countries. This example of restoring violated consumer rights can be called one of the works carried out within the framework of this cooperation.

The Fergana City Consumers Society has considered a claim filed to the Fergana Inter-district Civil Court by a consumer from South Korea, Mr. Choi Kil Hong, for compensation for material damage caused by a service provided by R. Seifullayev, a private entrepreneur who works in Fergana under the Euro Diamond brand name.

In June 2019, as a result of consideration of the Mr. Choi’s legal statement and identification of court materials by the Fergana City Consumers Society it was revealed that Mr. Choi handed over 10 (ten) types of clothes to a dry-cleaning company owned by the aforesaid entrepreneur through his representative (driver).

Since the clothes were designed for the autumn-winter season, they were not used for some time after chemical treatment and delivery to the house. After examining the clothes, it was noticed that they were severely damaged, lost their color and brightness compared to the original condition, the size was reduced and therefore became unusable. When the consumer’s efforts to resolve the issue with the service company failed, he contacted the Fergana City Consumers Society under the Federation.

During the court hearing, the entrepreneur claimed that the consumer’s representative did not object to the quality of service provided during the receipt and removal of the clothes, it had been a while since the clothes were taken out of the dry cleaning company and other individuals may have taken certain actions with regard to the clothes.

The court noted that the consumer’s representative did not object to the quality of the service provided, but it did not agree with the arguments that other persons caused harm, since the clothing that was the subject of the dispute still has the distinctive signs (tags) of the dry cleaning company. This indicates that no-one used the clothes after cleaning. At the same time, the defendant was provided with the evidence in the form of photographs where the consumer photographed the clothing before and after chemical treatment.

As a result of the court’s consideration, Fergana City Consumers Society under the Federation of Societies for Consumer Rights Protection Societies in Uzbekistan upheld the claim made by Mr. Choi Kil Hong, the citizen of the Republic of Korea and private entrepreneur R. Sayfullaev was ordered to pay a compensation in the amount of 12,000,000 (twelve million) sums.