“Consumer House” in Baysun

The Federation of Consumer Rights Protection Societies of Uzbekistan has developed the project “House of Consumers” and “Consumer Library”. To date, the project has provided 19 facilities in Altiyarik, Kyzyltepa, Rishtan, Sariosiyo, Uzun, Baghdad, Fergana, Kasan, Alat, Dehkanabad districts, as well as in the city of Fergana, Turakurgan and Margilan. , beautiful and cozy complexes were built. By the end of the year, 4 more such spiritual and enlightenment centers will be launched. They employed about a hundred young boys and girls.

Today in Boysun district of Surkhandarya region was held the grand opening of the administrative complex “House of Consumers”, built in a modern style, with a unique innovative solution and containing more than 6,000 books. The “Consumer Library” fund, established in this administrative complex, contains the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan and regulations governing relations in the field of consumption, political and economic manuals, educational, artistic, scientific popular books, interesting and socio-political newspapers and magazines published in the country.

In addition, a series of 16 types of legal literature, developed jointly by the Federation and the Tashkent State Law University, will be presented to strengthen the legal literacy of consumers.

Speaking at the event, Jahongir Sarimsakov, chairman of the federation, said that for the first time a database of 100,000 e-books had been set up. eReader, an e-learning device that allows you to find and purchase the necessary literature on the Internet. In addition, the complex will provide free handicrafts training for women as part of 5 important initiatives, as well as doping, carpentry, ceramics, as well as wrestling, boxing, karate and other sports for young graduates. He also noted that the opening of a department for the production and training of national musical instruments, which is of great interest to our young children, is another opportunity for young people. They work directly with music teachers from all schools in the city, where they can practice this lesson at certain times of the week.
The chairman of the federation Jahongir Sarimsakov and the hokim of Boysun district Askarali Jorayev also agreed on the conditions created for consumers in the district and the work to be done in the future.
In addition, the “Consumer Reception”, located in the administrative complex “Consumer House”, accepts applications and applications from consumers.
In short, such places serve as a cradle of incomparable opportunities for the enrichment of the spiritual thinking of our young boys and girls, their vocational training, the discovery of their hidden potential and talents.

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