More than 15 billion soums were returned in favor of consumers

During the year of 2020, the Federation of Societies for Consumer Rights Protection in Uzbekistan received 11,094 appeals from the citizens (consumers) of Uzbekistan. The positive decisions of those appeals in favor of consumers were 10,321, that is, 93.0% from the total amount of appeals. A total of 15,183,829,380 (fifteen billion one hundred and eighty-three million eight hundred and twenty-nine thousand three hundred and eighty) soums were returned to the customers. In addition, for the convenience to the public an online bot was created namely as @Potrebiteluz_bot, which can be used to send online requests.

By the Federation and its territorial executive bodies, a total of 30 appeals were received from consumers to the judicial authorities in the interests of consumers. The total amount of financial and moral damage were returned to the customers in the amount of 1 471 139 812 (one billion and four hundred seventy one million one hundred thirty nine thousand eight hundred and twelve) soums.

The largest number of complaints from consumers were received in the sphere of trade – 5318 (47.9%), gas supply-868 (7.8%), electricity-1111 (10.0%), water supply – 429 (3.9%), utility supplies – 465 (4.2%), health care – 154 (1.4%), services – 692 (6,2%), transport sector – 271 (2,4%), communications (and Internet) – 470 (4.2%), other industries – 1316 (11.9%).
Our main goal is to develop and protect people’s rights as consumers, and expand their knowledge in understanding of their responsibilities. It should be noted that for this purpose, the Federation has built 20 well-maintained administrative complexes “consumer library” and” consumer house”, and is still building 30 more districts and cities. One famous quote tells ”Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime”.
In our well-built libraries, all educational, methodological and practical manuals will be available for full understanding of consumers ‘ rights. If our youth studies hard, there will be fewer people in our society whose rights will be violated in the future. People without knowledge will find it hard to find their way in life. In this sense, we want libraries to serve the youth and old as a source of knowledge for our people.
To sum up, from all the work done by the Federation for the 2020, bigger plans are awaiting for 2021.