Qonunlar Yangiliklar

7 million soums were returned to the consumer.

On October 22, 2020, a citizen of the Chust district of the Namangan region, T. Mirzamatov, called the hotline of the Federation of Consumer Rights Protection Societies of Uzbekistan 1091.
It is reported that on December 27, 2019, the head of the Grand Profile enterprise in Chust F.S. By mutual agreement, an agreement was reached on the installation of AKFA door and window frames in the apartment. The total cost of the contract is 11 million soums, which will be delivered to the customer within 20 days. However, a year later AKFA installed the main parts of the frame and the door in the customer’s apartment and took 10 million soums. Windows, column ceilings and window sills were left unfinished. Despite repeated requests from the customer, there were no changes.
In order to resolve this appeal legally, a lawsuit was filed with the Chust Interdistrict Civil Court for the recovery of money. By the decision of the Interdistrict Civil Court, the defendant was fined 2,054,612 soums and 5 million soums for non-execution of the case, for a total amount of 7,054,612 soums in favor of T. Mirzamatov.